Real Madrid VS Atletico de Madrid Shakespearean language

O’ it was an interesting match between two Spanish Rivals, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, their bosoms on the champion’s league title. The Real Madrid hast filch’d and disfigured the great Atletico and their chance in winning the title with a 4-1 upshot which made Atletico express a lot of dole upon their faces. Enormous amount of players got injured were they beseech the team’s medical to follow what happened to the players, as the managers get their substitutes armed to get in. Real Madrid softed for their champion’s league title as for almost 10 years and so the title is for belov’d by all Madrid fans around the world. Real Madrid players said adieu to all Madrid fans as they left the La Decima stadium in Portugal. HALA MADRID!! KINGS OF EUROPE!!

Bayern Munich VS Real Madrid

Bayern Munich VS Real Madrid was a fantastic semi-final match in the champions’ league. The victory goes to Madrid with 5-0 aggregate in both legs of the match. A majority of football fans who supports both teams had a lot of doubts of who is going to win and qualify for the final in this epic battle. Actually, I also had doubts about this game; however, I knew that as a Madrid fan, I should follow my heart and support them.  Finally after the two legs ended and Madrid won, I saw many Bayern Munich fans and players Lamentable and disappointed for their defeat. Most of the people around the world don’t agree with me that Real Madrid is the best Football club around the world and that victory shows that they are the best. Its current president and Manager, Florentino Perez and Carlo Ancelotti, are proud to take the club to the next level.

Mainly, let’s go on and look at the first leg of the match which took place in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on April 23, 2014. In the first 15 minutes of the game Bayern Munich controlled the ball and had some chances which didn’t make it through the net. However, in the 19th minute of the game Madrid did a spectacular attack on Bayern Munich which Cristiano Ronaldo made a pass to Fabio Coentrao. After that Coentrao passed it to Benzema in the open which ended up in the net of Bayern Munich. Therefore, Bayern Munich got really angry and wrath inside which ended up attempting to score a goal through Iker Casillas whom is the Real Madrid captain and goalie. But sadly, the game ended with 1-0 waiting for the second leg.

On the other hand, the second leg was astonishing to the eyes of all Madrid Fans. The second leg was in Munich, Germany on April 29, 2014. The game started with Bayern Munich controlling the ball and attempting to get a goal. However, that stopped when Ramos scored a head with the ball cornered by Luka Modric in the 16th minute of the match. In addition, that didn’t stop him from scoring another headed ball through the nets of Bayern Munich. In the 20th minute of the match, Ramos scored a beautiful headed ball which was assisted by a free kick from Angel Di Maria. As a result of these two spectacular headed goals, Sergio Ramos was been dotted by every Madrid fan around the entire region. Ronaldo made the 3rd goal of this leg for Madrid in the 34th minute of the match with an extraordinary counter-attack. Additionally, in the second half he scored an amazing free kick in the 84th minute of the match as he broke the record of Messi with 14 goals in the champions’ league season. Ronaldo now made an historic victory by being the first player to get 16 goals in the one champions’ league season.

So with Madrid’s historic victory over Bayern Munich, I think they are the best team around the football world. To add to this, I have a high and lofty expectation that they are going to win their 10th champion league title. However, I know that Madrid needs to focus and work hard to win the final. Once you’re a Madrista, you’re always a Madrista. HALA MADRID AND ADIEU!!


Lamentable: Showing regret towards something. Being really sad.

wrath: To have a lot of anger inside of you.

Dotted: Being really loved.

Lofty: something which is very high.

Adieu: To say goodbye or farewell.

Sleep or awake

Sleep or awake

Often awake, mostly fake

Always sleepy, not dreamy

Thoughts go on, never rest but on and on

Bed awaits me, cover lay on me

Like a newborn baby, I’m tucked and folded

Eyelids quavering

Full of remorse and anger

Full of pain and need

With no visions, indeed

Eyes speak yet no words could explain

Never enough that eyes abuse my brain

Eyelids closing, down rolling

Dreams not opposing

Brown or blue..?

Neither, they are all black and evil

All for sleep, all for sleep

They’re both (eyes) sleepy and greedy



Devices Used:

–          Line 4 repetition

–          Line 6 simile

–          Lines 7,8,9 personification



Real madrid VS Barcelona

Real Madrid VS Barcelona was a match where people couldn’t believe its result could end up so odd. People usually ask me what the El Clasico is. This really annoys me to the level that I wouldn’t talk to them for the rest of the day; because the El Clasico is one of the most Monumental and extraordinary matches which is an asset to all who support football around the world. The El Clasico took place a long time ago which is a rivalry between two of the best Spanish and world class teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. I am a huge Real Madrid fan and support them with all my heart. I’ll sacrifice anything that is needed to just play with Real Madrid, but I know this dream could and will never come true. The El Clasico took place in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu where Barcelona won 4-3 against Real Madrid which made their fans, including me really wistful and downcast. On the other hand, I think the referee was supporting Barcelona rather than both teams equally because every slide tackles Madrid makes counted as a foul; however, Barcelona was the opposite. This makes me really furious that I just wanted to come up to him and shout at the referee for not treating both teams equally.

In the first half of the match, Benzema lost two chances for a goal to Real Madrid which made them really sad and that made me nervous at him for loosing these two open shots which was him and Victor Valdes, Barcelona’s goalkeeper. Nevertheless, he made it up for his team by scoring two goals in 4 minutes with two spectacular assists by Angel Di Maria which is incredible. But that’s not all, before that Iniesta scored a goal for Barcelona in the 6th minute of the match and that kept Barcelona’s chances of winning really high; after what Benzema done in the beginning. After Benzema’s goals, I said a long word which every footballer will say after a goal to his supporting team, “Gooooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllllllll!!!!” out loud because I was excited. The disappointment came when Messi scored a goal in the 42nd minute of the match which almost made me cry, however it was a really great goal. Meanwhile in the second half, Dani Alves slide tackled Cristiano Ronaldo inside the penalty box which led to a penalty shot by Ronaldo; as he took the shot, the ball landed in the far left side of the net in the 55th minute of the game. This got me really excited as I kissed my Madrid’s jersey as a sign of respect to the team. Due to Sergio Ramos’s red card after he tackled Neymar inside the penalty box, Messi took the penalty and scored it in the 66th minute of the match. I think that Ramos didn’t deserve the red card because Neymar got tackled from the side, not from behind. The defense became a mess because Sergio Ramos left the pitch and that led to another penalty shot for Messi where he scored a hatrick in the 84th minute of the match.

After the match ended 4-3 to Barcelona, I sat and thought about how Real Madrid could have done better to win. I knew the referee wanted Barcelona to win and I wanted to have a talk with him, so I could argue with him for not making the game fair. However, I promised that I will let it go and I always knew that when Real Madrid loses, they will get up on their feet and try to win.


Manchester United VS Olympiakos Piraeus

Manchester United VS Olympiakos Piraeus is a match where people couldn’t believe its result could end up so odd. This match was a extraordinary match that grabbed the people’s attention and made them change their opinions about the team, Manchester United; therefore, this match could and will take a monumental place in history of the UEFA Champions League of football. To begin with, Manchester United got qualified to the Champions league quarterfinals against Bayern Munich thanks to Robin Van Persie with a hatrick against Olympiakos Piraeus in the second leg of the knockouts stages. In spite of all the great players on Manchester United’s team, he is truly an asset to his team.

Mainly, let’s go on and look at Manchester United’s first leg of the match for the UEFA champions’ league against Olympiakos Piraeus. Manchester United really struggled that time to win in the first leg which ended up 2-0 for Olympiakos Piraeus; as a result, that made United team wistful and downcast for the whole entire day. Finally, after that excruciating lose, United’s Manager, David Moyes, needs to learn from his mistakes and use his time gingerly; so that, in the second leg of the knockout stages he will come on strong and defeat Olympiakos Piraeus to make him qualify to the quarterfinals.

On the other hand, the second leg was astonishing to the eyes of the fan. The game started with United getting a lot of chances to score. However, after so many trials, they got a penalty in the 25th minute of the game which Robin Van persie scored the first goal of the match. Right before half time, Rooney made a incredible pass to Van persie which made him shoot the ball through the net and score his second goal. The third goal was in the second half were Van persie shot a free kick which hit the net, yet not letting the goalkeeper of Olympiakos Piraeus, Roberto, even have time to save the ball.

To infer, I strongly believe that the two sides have some rivalry going on to get to the quarterfinals; Similarly, Real Madrid and Dortmund are rivals since last year champions league semi finals where Real Madrid lost against Dortmund 4-3 in both first and second leg.  Manchester United is a great team who won the Premier league title last year which was a great accomplishment; but this year with Alex Ferguson, United’s former manager, retired and having a new manager, really changed the way the team plays this season. I forecast that United will do pretty well in the quarterfinals against Bayern Munich and try to win.



extraordinary: Something remarkable.

monumental: A great importance in something. Really popular.

asset: A valuable thing a person has.

wistful: being sad and having a little bit of hope.

downcast: Being sad. Looking really disappointed.

excruciating: Being in pain. Something painful.

gingerly: being careful with your things.

infer: To conclude something. 

rivalryHaving competition between each other.

forecast: To predict something. To foreshadow.


Portugal VS Cameroon

Portugal VS Cameroon was an amazing match which took place in the Estadio Dr. Magalhaes Pessoa, Leiria, Portugal. Meanwhile Portugal won 5-1 against Cameroon which was a friendly match, as a result of getting ready for the World Cup which will eventually take place in Brazil this summer. Although the Portugal national team didn’t practice or play for almost 4 months now since their match against Sweden for the World Cup play offs, yet they played spectacularly against Cameroon. Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s top scorer with 49 goals and the winner of the Ballon D’or this year, Portugal is now looking forward to win the World Cup in the summer.

Nevertheless, most of you won’t agree with me that Portugal is one of the best national teams around the world. There is a lot of Background information about Portugal VS Cameroon which therefore widen the eyes of the people around the world. To begin with, the first goal of the match was from Cristiano Ronaldo with an incredible assist by Joao Pereira; as well as, this goal was made after 21 minutes from the start of the match. In the 43rd minute, Cameroon stepped up the game and gave Aboubakar a chance to put the ball in the net to make the score 1-1. In the second half, Raul Meireles came with great speed so he can score the second goal for Portugal in the 65th minute of the game, which put Portugal ahead of the game. Then, two minutes past when the defender Fabio Coentrao scored the third goal for his national team, as he put the shot perfectly in the net. Similarly too Coentrao’s shot, Edinho took the fourth goal with pride in the 77th minute of this astonishing match which made the Portuguese fans cheer proudly. At last Ronaldo scored the fifth and last goal on the 83rd minute of the game with a shot 18 yards away from the net. In spite of all the excitement, Ronaldo was the only one to score two goals in the match.

Mainly as what I said earlier, “Portugal is one of the best national teams around the world.” I have all the evidence and facts that I need to prove that theory since they have Ronaldo and Pepe supporting the national team; in addition to this, every other team will see them as a challenge.


Real Madrid VS Schalke 04


Real Madrid vs. Schalke 04 was a spectacular match which Madrid plays spectacularly during the entire match. Madrid won 6-1 against Schalke 04 which is an enormous amount of goals that will make them pass the Knock off Round of 16.  Most of the people around the world don’t agree with me that Real Madrid is the best Football club around the world; it had huge amount of loses and wins when it was developed. Its current president and Manager, Florentino Perez and Carlo Ancelotti, are proud to take the club to the next level.

There is a lot of Background information about the Real Madrid VS Schalke 04 match which made people widen their eyes and make them more enthusiastic. The first goal came from Karim Benzema after 13 minutes from the start of the match which gave him some confidence because of having Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale on his side. After 8 minutes, Gareth Bale came up taking the ball with great speed and passing three defenders; he ended up with a spectacular goal which made the crowd go wild.  In the second half, Ronaldo took the ball with a great assist by Bale and started doing his amazing tricks which got him pass the defender; also score the third goal of the match. Additionally that wasn’t over, with his amazing tricks Ronaldo makes a great assist to Benzema, which made Benzema score his second goal in the match.  The Fifth goal was taken by Bale where Sergio Ramos passed the ball to Bale, then scored. Finally, the Sixth goal for Madrid minute 89 where Ronaldo scored a beautiful assist by Benzema which was great. Although with all of these goals, Schalke 04 scored only one goal in 90 minutes by Huntelaar, an amazing striker, however that wasn’t enough for the Schalke players to go on to the next round.

As I said, “Madrid is the best club in the world.” I have the facts to prove it because with Benzema, Ronaldo, and Bale supporting the club, every other club will see them as a challenge. Once you’re a Madrista, you’re always a Madrista. “HALA MADRID!”



Blog 1 Post- Comparing Samsung Galaxy S4 and I Phone 5s

I know that the majority of people use expensive phones and use it gingerly with them because it’s an asset such as IPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4. These two phones have rivalry between each other because people buy a lot of it, however they don’t know which the best kind is. As a result, I will start out by comparing both phones and saying its pros and cons because I have a strong savvy about a lot of technologies.

First, Samsung Galaxy S4 (S4) is a very expensive phone with amazing features, but could be unfathomable. The Pros for this phone is that it has motion gestures and Air view. The cons could change the perspective of someone because it doesn’t have a lot of colors like the IPhone 5s because it has only black and white, while the IPhone has a space gray color, black color, the gold and white. Finally, its construction looks economical than IPhone 5s and its features is a misuse of space.

Let’s take a look on IPhone 5s pros and cons. The pros is that it has few colors such as space gray color, black color, and gold and white while the S4 has only black and white. Apple had developed a new feature in the 5S, The Touch ID. There are some cons in the IPhone which makes people downcast and wistful. The IPhone 5s camera is 8 Mega pixels, but the S4 has 13 Mega pixels which makes the pictures sharper than the IPhone.  Also its keyboard isn’t as good as the S4′s which gives you varieties of keyboards.

To infer, the 5s and S4 are similar to each other, but have different features. But I prefer the S4 more because as I mentioned has the Air view and motion gestures.


Gingerly: being careful with your things.

Asset: A valuable thing a person has.

Rivalry: Having competition between each other.

Savvy: Having knowledge about something. It is like you know something very well.

Unfathomable: You don’t understand something very well.


Economical: Good amount of money you have spent. It relates to the word cheap and inexpensive.

Misuse: Not needing something. It relates to the word waste.

Downcast: Being sad. Looking really disappointed.

Wistful: being sad and having a little bit of hope.

Infer: To conclude something.